About “Kennedy Kollegiet”


All applications must go through AKU-Aalborg. To read more go to www.aku-aalborg.dk.

Handicap-friendly apartments

Wheelchair users have access to all apartments by elevator and/or hoist.


“Kennedy Kollegiet” is connected to ”Forskernet”. “Forskernet” is a national network for universities and research institutions (including youth dorms) with high-speed internet for research and cooperation. 

”Forskernet” is inclusive in the rent (but make up for 100 kroner per month), and it supplies as much as 100/100 mbit internet for the individual apartments. The internet speed can vary dependent on how many users are online, however there will always be at least 30-50 mbit available.    

It is easy getting connected to the internet. In the closed in your apartment you will find a normal network power outlet (RJ-45) which you can connect to your computer/router and you will immediately be connected to the internet.


Bottles and paper must not be mixed with the household rubbish and it must be separated and thrown into the separate trash containers. Please also remember to close the lid on the containers in order to avoid smell. It is not allowed to leave ones trash and similar in the stairway, hallways, the caller, or in the common areas. If you have larger items you want to expose you must do this through the municipality’s trash arrangement or talk to the janitor about what to do with it.


On the move-in date you get 2 keys and 3 key tags, however both additional keys and tags can be bought through the janitor.

Window and stairway cleaning

As a part of the rent wash of the staircase and the cleaning of the windows in the stairways are paid for. This is done 4 times a year or dependent on the need for cleaning.